(WJW) – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson surprised an up-and-coming UFC fighter from Zimbabwe with a life-changing gift.

Johnson posted an emotional video on Instagram Thursday of him meeting 32-year-old UFC welterweight fighter Themba Gorimbo

The pair came together by connecting on Twitter over their strikingly similar backstories.

“Wow, it’s crazy what can happen when you are able to tell your story, who you can touch, who you can inspire,” Gorimbo said when he saw the Twitter reply from Johnson.

In the Instagram video, Gorimbo is seen doing an interview, but it took a turn. Johnson came up from behind, surprising Gorimbo. That’s when they come together in a hug.

“Man, it’s good to see you. It’s good to finally meet you,” Johnsons said.

Gorimbo told him, “You inspired me to work hard, thank you. I will become a champion, trust me, believe me.” 

But that wasn’t the only surprise Johnson had in store for Gorimbo.

After showing Johnson around the gym and the couch he is sleeping on, they got in the car for another surprise.

They drove to hone and Johnson said, “I wanted to look you in the eye, and I wanted to tell you, ‘Welcome home.’”

Gorimbo then gave him a hug in disbelief.

“I was so moved by your story, then I found you were sleeping o the couch in the gym. Now there’s no more couch sleeping, this is your house. Welcome home,” Johnson said. “Now you can bring your kids here man, bring your family.”

The UFC fighter fell to his knees and hugged Johnson, thanking him repeatedly.

The full video is posted to Johnson’s Instagram page with the caption, “Welcome home @thembagorimbo_mma. You and your family enjoy your new house brother. Lights are on. Bills are paid. Keep your “My Reason” list close, keep taking care of your people and I’m honored to play a very, very small role in your $7 bucks journey. $7 bucks. I’ve been there too. Got your back brother. Let’s get to work on that dream of becoming @ufc champion one day 💪🏾 Welcome home ~ DJ ps – enjoy your Cheetos & alligators”

To watch the heartwarming video, click here.