(WJW) — Those looking to skip the arduous three-step cocktail-making process of pouring ice, Jack Daniels and Coke together into a glass are going to be pleased with a product soon to hit the market: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola ready-to-drink cocktail.

That’s three steps down to two — or even one, if you opt out of pouring over ice.

“This relationship brings together two classic American icons to deliver consumers a taste experience they love in a way that is consistent, convenient, and portable,” Lawson Whiting, CEO and President of Brown‑Forman Corporation, which owns Jack Daniels, said in a statement.

The drink is first being offered to Mexican markets later this year, before going global.

And don’t worry zero-sugar fans, there’s going to be an option for you as well. Expect the alcohol beverage volume (ABV) to be somewhere around 5%, depending on the market.