MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – The red-tailed hawk that was rescued in a Medina neighborhood has unfortunately passed away.

A resident of Montville Township reached out to FOX 8 after seeing the animal stuck in a dead tree for days without food and water.

A local tree company saw our story and volunteered its services. They were able to pull down the branch the hawk was stuck in. The bird survived the fall and was taken to Medina Raptor Center for treatment.

“Upon arrival to our facility, the presence of aspergillus, organ failure and infection were noted,” a spokesperson at the Medina Raptor Center said.

The center provided the hawk with medications and 24-hour care, but sadly the bird was unable to keep fighting.

“We are so grateful to everyone involved with the rescue of this bird,” they said. “We were relieved to provide a safe and comfortable environment while caring for the bird during the last couple of days. We find peace in the bird’s passing knowing that he/she was no longer suffering. For this, we are grateful.”