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TORPOINT — No one likes getting bills, but one bill in particular has a family in Torpoint completely shocked.

According to the Plymouth Herald, it all happened after 5-year-old Alex Nash was invited to a friend’s birthday party at a ski and snowboarding facility.

After Alex was invited to the bash, Nash’s parents told his friend’s mother he would attend the party. But later, they realized they already had made other plans for that day, so Alex missed the party.

Several days later, the little boy came home from school with an envelope in his book bag. It contained an invoice from his friend’s mother for a “child’s party no show fee.”

The total was about $24.

At first, they thought the bill was a joke and the woman they would not be paying the fee. But then, they say, she threatened to take them to small claims court.

They also claimed that Alex’s friend will not play with him anymore.

Alex’s parents are trying to resolve the situation via Facebook.

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