***Video above: Construction projects planned for Northeast Ohio this year***

CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland plans on doing away with its traditional coin-operated parking meters across the city to make room for a more modern option.

City officials say the old meters will be replaced by smart, credit card enabled meters and kiosks provided by the company Flowbird.

Through a new mobile parking payment service, operated by ParkMobile, drivers will also be able to pay by mobile app, text message or scanning a QR code.

“This project will provide more convenient and accessible parking options for all who spend time in Cleveland’s commercial and cultural centers,” said Mayor Justin Bibb. “Smart parking is a significant step towards my administration’s vision to modernize operations across the city.”  

According to Cleveland officials, about 600 multi-space meters and 100 single-space meters will be installed downtown and surrounding neighborhoods in the city.

City officials say the project will cost just over $5 million. That includes the cost of equipment, software and monitoring tools.

The Bibb administration plans to put forth legislation to Cleveland City Council in the upcoming weeks to approve contracts with the two companies. The contracts must then be approved by the Consultant Review Committee and the Board of Control.

Once agreements are signed, city officials believe the new meters will be ready within six months.