ATLANTA, Ga. (WFLA) – An attempted robbery at an Atlanta nail salon resulted in crickets after everyone in the store ignored the thief.

The would-be robber entered the salon Monday, holding what appeared to be a bag with his other hand concealed inside it. Brandishing the bag as if it contained a weapon, the man demanded money from several people seated near the door, video posted to the City of Atlanta Police Department’s Facebook page shows.

“Everybody get down! Get down everybody! Empty out your pockets! Give me all your money!” the suspect shouted.

But no one moved, the video shows.

(Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta via Storyful)

The suspect continued to demand money, approaching a man behind a point-of-sale machine. That man instead answered an incoming call.

The suspect, seemingly growing exasperated, then approached what appeared to be an employee who moved toward the door, snatching a phone from her hand.

He surveyed the scene for another moment before leaving on his own.

(Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta via Storyful)

On Friday, the Atlanta Police Department re-shared a post from Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta, asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

A representative for the APD later confirmed to Nexstar that the woman’s phone — the only thing the robber walked out of the salon with — was recovered by detectives.

Police did not say whether the suspect had been identified as of Saturday morning. The case is still being investigated.