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FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The scope of the damage from the deadly tornado that hit communities along the Illinois and Indiana border Friday night is made even more visible from the air.

The tornado went from Robinson, Illinois, to Sullivan County in Indiana, killing a total of six people and injuring others.

WTWO/WAWV General Manager Tim Sanders flew over the path of destruction, and said he noticed a lot of debris had been pulled out into fields, which showed how far the storm could carry objects.

“There was a 1,000-gallon propane tank that was out in the field,” Sanders said.

Tornadoes killed at least 27 people as they touched down across the Midwest and the South.

Confirmed or suspected tornadoes in 11 states destroyed homes and businesses, splintered trees and laid waste to neighborhoods. It could take days to make a count of all the tornadoes from recent days.

The White House announced Sunday that it would provide federal resources, including financial assistance, to support recovery efforts after President Joe Biden declared broad swaths of the country a major disaster.

Deaths were reported in Delaware, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana and Illinois.

Three people were killed in Sullivan, Indiana.

“When we went over Sullivan, seeing the amount of homes damaged, these are our friends, our family members, our businesses we work with,” Sanders said. “When you see it in real life, it’s heartbreaking.”

“I’m really, really shocked there isn’t more as far as human issues,” said Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb, adding that recovery “is going to be a very long process.”

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