(NEXSTAR) — What are the top two alcohol beverages in Ohio for restaurant goers?

Toast, a restaurant point of sale and management system, reviewed customer trends across its 93,000 U.S. restaurants, including people’s alcohol-purchasing behaviors. 

Overall, Toast found that if a customer was ordering alcohol, it was most likely going to be beer, which ranked as the most popular adult beverage being ordered in all 50 states during the second quarter of 2023. 

While you may guess a state like Wisconsin, home to the beer industry, would order beer the most, it was Minnesota.

Kansas and Ohio are responsible for a notable upset. Kentucky, with its rich whiskey history, ranked third for the most whiskey consumed per restaurant location, Toast found it was Kansas where whiskey ranked more popular, followed by Ohio. 

Those eating out in Ohio appear to favor hard seltzers — data shows that, on average, Ohio sold 160% more hard seltzers per restaurant than any other state.

Vodka was the most popular spirit in nearly every state, according to Toast’s analysis, except in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah, where tequila was more popular. 

Restaurant-goers in Texas consumed the most tequila.

When it came to wine, it was those in Massachusetts, where customers ordered 72% more wine than in any other state.

There were some states that appeared to love certain types of alcohol more than others. Toast found New York, for example, favored gin the most. In Hawaii, it was rum.