WARREN, Pa. (NewsNation) — An exclusive photo obtained by NewsNation shows the bedsheet rope Pennsylvania inmate Michael Burham used to escape dangling from the roof of the prison next to a stairwell.

Burham escaped from Warren County Prison last Thursday by climbing up on exercise equipment and using tied-up bedsheets to escape from a window. Police said that once he made it to the ground, Burham took off into the nearby woods.

Exclusive: NewsNation obtains and law enforcement official confirms this photo (zoom to left of lit stairwell) shows the bed sheets authorities say fugitive Michael Burham used to climb down from the roof of the jail to escape Thursday. He remains at large. (Credit: Evan Lambert/NewsNation via Twitter)

Search teams believe Burham is still in the area and have been hunting for him day and night.

The Pennsylvania State Police colonel leading the manhunt said he’s absolutely confident they will find the escaped prisoner.

Police describe Burham, 34, as a “survivalist” with military training who is prepared to withstand the elements and conceal himself.

He was being held at the prison on robbery, arson and kidnapping charges. He’s also suspected of murdering a woman in Jamestown.

Police have been using helicopters, drones, K-9s and more than 150 officers on the ground to search for Burham.

Small campsites and stockpiles were located in the forest, Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police said. At a news conference Monday, Bivens said the stockpiles included supplies that will assist him with a prolonged stay in a wooded area.

Police believe Burham may not be alone as he tries to avoid capture.

“We do believe that he’s getting some kind of assistance. From where or what type of assistance it is, I’m not prepared to comment on,” Bivens said. “But as I previously indicated, we are investigating that and we’re prepared to prosecute anyone who does offer him assistance.”

Police said they have received numerous calls from people saying they saw Burham in the area and are warning residents to not approach the escaped inmate. They believe he may be armed and said he is extremely dangerous.