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(WGN) – Every now and then, a person interrupts a basketball game by making their way onto the court during the action. But one such incident on Wednesday was especially unique.

The Loyola Chicago Ramblers were facing off against the Duquesne Dukes in Pittsburgh, with 16:10 to go in the second half, when someone who appeared to be delivering food wandered onto the court with a bag of McDonald’s and a soda.

The person, who was wearing a yellow jacket and brown pants, could be seen looking into the stands, presumably for the recipient of the order. While walking across the corner of the court, he was also only about a foot away from Loyola’s Philip Alston, who was looking for someone to pass the ball to.

ESPN tweeted out video of the incident shortly after it happened.

Referees briefly stopped the game before play resumed. Duquesne would go on to beat the Ramblers 72-58 as they fell to 1-7 in the Atlantic 10 and 7-13 overall.

Meanwhile, this person was escorted off the court by a referee, and reportedly continued to wander through the stands until handing off the food to someone else. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, this fan was then eating the food on the video board inside the arena.

It appears, however, that this whole thing may have been staged, as some sort of prank for social media.

Austin Hansen, an assistant athletics director for Loyola, shared a video of the incident from his point-of-view, which appeared to show the “delivery person” had a small microphone attached to his collar, USA Today first reported.

“This kid was clearly doing a prank for Youtube/TikTok,” Hansen wrote in a Twitter thread. “You can see that he is wearing a microphone, and tons of students were filming him with their phones.”

Meanwhile, ESPN reported that the game’s announcers claimed they learned of an Uber Eats logo on the McDonald’s takeout order, even though the alleged prankster could be heard asking if anyone ordered “DoorDash” in Hansen’s video.

That didn’t stop Uber Eats from having a little fun, though. The company tweeted about the incident on Wednesday night, calling it “the absolute most.”