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(The Hill) — Two of the Americans who were kidnapped at gunpoint just over the Mexican border on Friday have been found dead, while two others were found alive with one wounded, a Mexican state governor said Tuesday.

Tamaulipas Gov. Américo Villarreal said that the fourth kidnapping victim had no injuries, according to The Associated Press. The FBI revealed on Sunday that the group of four Americans were kidnapped by armed men on Friday, and asked for the public’s assistance in helping locate them.

The four Americans were in a white minivan with North Carolina license plates and were taken by the gunmen just after crossing into Matamoros in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Several media outlets had reported on Tuesday that the group was traveling to Mexico for a medical procedure.

The State Department has a Level 4 warning in place for the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, warning Americans to not travel there due to crime and kidnapping, which it says is common along the northern border.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday that the kidnapping was “unacceptable,” and that U.S. law enforcement agencies were working with Mexico to address the situation. She did not offer more details due to privacy concerns.

“These sorts of attacks are unacceptable. Our thoughts are with the families of these individuals and we stand ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance. U.S. law enforcement is in touch with Mexican law enforcement,” she said.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar said in a statement on Monday that a Mexican citizen was also killed during the incident.

“We have no greater priority than the safety of our citizens — this is the U.S. government’s most fundamental role,” Salazar said. “U.S. law enforcement officials from numerous agencies are working with Mexican authorities at all levels of government to secure the safe return of our compatriots.”