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SPICELAND, Ind. (WXIN) — An Indiana woman reportedly told police she posted nude images of a known acquaintance to Facebook in order to “get back” at her for a perceived betrayal.

The 26 year-old now faces one count of distribution of an intimate image, a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, the woman, of Spiceland, Indiana, found the nude photographs and videos of the victim on her boyfriend’s phone and ended up posting them on Facebook, in addition to sending them to the victim’s close friends.

In the Facebook post, the woman shamed the victim and accused her of having sex with her boyfriend and his best friend. The victim told police this accusation was a lie.

The victim explained to police that the intimate images had been made for her boyfriend who, in turn, shared them with the Spiceland woman’s boyfriend.

The victim had not given the woman permission to publicly post her intimate photographs and didn’t even know the woman had them until she found out about the Facebook posts, documents detail.

Police said the Spiceland woman expressed embarrassment when questioned about the incident. She told officers she had “reacted so quickly out of hurt” due to feelings of betrayal and anger. She told police she had wanted to “get back” at the victim and her boyfriend, who she thought had been cheating on her, and “make them hurt the way she did.”

Class A misdemeanor charges carry a sentence of up to a year in jail if convicted, though often misdemeanor charges result in alternative sentencing such as probation, community service or fines.