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(NEXSTAR) – A real estate agent in New Hampshire is making it easier than ever to imagine yourself being relentlessly stalked across the grounds of a lovely two-bedroom Cape-style home.

Tom Bolduc, of Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan in southern New Hampshire, has been in the business for a little over three years. But in that short time, he’s worked to carve out a name for himself by setting up bouncy-castles at his open houses, or plastering his face on a moving truck.

“I like to explore new options to bring new eyes to a property,” he told Nexstar. “I like to be a little creative.”

For one of his latest listings, Bolduc worked with the sellers of the house to come up with a silly idea: What if Michael Myers — the slasher from the “Halloween” film franchise — was hiding in every listing photo?

“We were talking about doing something in honor of Halloween, to give people a laugh,” said Bolduc of his discussions with the couple who own the home. The husband even volunteered to portray the iconic horror slasher in all the photos.

“He had the overalls already. I’m not sure if he already had a Michael Myers mask,” Bolduc said.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Bolduc)

The resulting photos — which have since gone viral thanks to Facebook and Zillow Gone Wild — show “Michael Myers” lurking in every possible corner of the property.

“He’s in every photo,” Bolduc said. “Some are more overtly obvious, like him sitting on the bed provocatively, or in plain sight. In others, he’s behind a window pane, or peering over the shower curtain, or sticking out of the well. One of them, he’s holding a chicken next to a chicken coop.

“We had a lot of fun… It was a fun time,” Bolduc said.

Shockingly, this isn’t the first or even second time that Myers’ likeness has been used to market a property. In 2021, a homeowner in Carlinville, Illinois, had her son dress up as the “Halloween” villain for the listing photos of their home, KTVI reported. And earlier this year, a life-size statue of Michael Myers was spotted among the décor in a horror-themed bungalow that was selling in California.

In other words, Michael Myers is becoming one of the hottest real-estate gimmicks in the industry.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Bolduc said of the response to his Weare listing. “It’s my job as a realtor to get as many eyes on a listing as possible. For it to go viral is not just great for laughs, but it also services my seller and gets their property seen.”