DENVER (KDVR) – Colorado Parks and Wildlife says officers are searching for a black bear that bit a man’s arm while he was relaxing in a hammock at a campground near Trinidad.

The victim told CPW that he heard a rustling noise late Saturday night while in the hammock and turned on his headlamp.

He saw a dark-colored bear next to him.

The bear then bit the man on his upper right arm before turning and wandering off.

The man left the campground and went to a motel before calling an ambulance for treatment of his wound, which appeared to be a 2-3-inch bite, CPW said.

He told CPW that he had no food or other attractants with him in the hammock that may have lured the bear.

CPW was notified of the attack after 10 p.m. and immediately began a search of the campground. A trap was set at the campground in case the bear came back, and dogs were called in to initiate a hunt in the area.

Under CPW policy, a bear that attacks a human is classified as dangerous. If captured, the bear must be humanely euthanized, CPW said.

CPW asks that the public always be aware of potential bear activity when camping in the state. CPW also said bears that have previously found a food reward from a tent may attempt to enter even if there is no food or other attractants present.

This was the third reported bear attack in the state so far this year.