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COLUMBUS, Ohio– Ohio Rep. Janine Boyd announced her plans for a bill named after Aisha Fraser, a beloved Shaker Heights teacher who was murdered.

Fraser, 45, was stabbed to death at a home in Shaker Heights on Nov. 17. Her ex-husband and former Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Lance Mason is charged with her murder.

Aisha’s Law is aimed to reform the state’s domestic violence laws.

There are three main components of the bill. Boyd said it would require officers to utilize the Lethality Assessment Program, or LAP, which is a strategy for law enforcement to identify victims who are at high risk of being harmed or killed by a partner.  It also would create a task force to work with the victim and alleged abuser to get help for both parties and provide prosecutors with real-time facts on the case.

Those at the news conference applauded the third pillar of the bill. Boyd said abusers with prior serious or violent convictions will not be able to plead their charges down.

The state representatives from Cleveland Heights thanked Fraser’s parents, her uncle George Fraser and members of her sorority Delta Sigma Theta.

“I wish I could do more for them and their grandchildren,” Boyd said.

She will ask for cosponsors on Tuesday, adding she’s had very positive conversations on both sides of the aisle.

Fraser was a sixth-grade teacher at Woodbury Elementary School and the mother of two daughters. Both girls were at the scene at the time of her murder.

Mason pleaded guilty to domestic violence and attempted felonious assault for an incident involving Fraser in 2014. He reportedly punched and choked her in front of their young children.

He served less than a year of a two-year prison sentence before the city of Cleveland hired him as the minority business development administrator in the office of equal opportunity.

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