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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, OH – A big day for parents in Northeast Ohio as a record-setting parental-leave law was passed in Newburgh Heights.

City council unanimously approved Ordinance 201628, which gives full-time employees six months paid maternity and paternity leave.

According to Mayor Trevor Elkins, Newburgh Heights becomes the first city in the state of Ohio to give paid maternity leave and the first in the nation to offer six months.

“I’m very excited because it sends a real clear message that we value our employees’ families,” said Mayor Elkins.
Both female and male employees are eligible for the leave.

The law does not apply to the Mayor and other elected officials.

The leave will run concurrently with FMLA leave, if the employee wishes.

“The rest of the world is far more generous and values that first couple years. Some European nations give more than two years. I think we are behind the times. I think this is just a step to catch us up,” said Mayor Elkins.