**WARNING: The above video contains disturbing footage. Viewer discretion is advised.**

AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — The city of Akron is releasing four new body camera videos from the June 27 shooting of Jayland Walker, who was killed in a hail of bullets fired by eight officers. 

The video was released Monday, as the result of a public records request by FOX 8 News. The newly-released videos reveal the actions of a second group of officers, who arrived on scene just as eight officers were chasing Jayland Walker through a parking lot after he bailed out of his car.

The videos capture the moment when the eight officers open fire with more than 90 rounds. After the barrage of gunfire, you can hear officers shouting, “cease fire, cease fire.”

The videos show that after the eight officers opened fire on Walker, striking him 46 times, their first priority was to find his gun. Officers had originally tried to pull him over for a traffic stop, and during the pursuit that followed, officers reported that he fired a gun out of his driver’s side window.

The officers are heard shouting, “do not move, do not move. Can anyone see the gun? Where’s the weapon at? We don’t know. we can’t see it.”

Investigators later determined that Walker left a gun and a loaded magazine in his car when he bailed out. The newly-released videos show that after officers determined the 25-year-old was not moving, they handcuffed him and then began medical treatment. It quickly becomes clear that after being hit at least 46 times, Jayland Walker cannot be saved.

In one of the videos, the officers have the following conversation: “one through his mouth, one through his cheek. one through his neck. Is he still breathing? No, I can’t tell.”

Officers continued to treat Walker until paramedics arrived.

Photo courtesy Akron police bodycam footage

“There’s no pulse guys. Well, keep working. keep working on him. Until we got some guy with fancy training saying he’s dead, just keep going.”

The 25-year-old was later pronounced dead at the scene. One of the videos captured a conversation between one of the late arriving officers and a concerned resident.

The homeowner asks, “what’s going on?” The officer responds, “we just had a little bit of an incident over there.”

The resident then says, “I hope nobody was hurt.” The officer responds, “yeah. Do you guys have cameras or anything? The resident responds “no.”

Video and audio on portions of the newly released bodycam videos have been redacted by the city of Akron. In some cases, it was due to the graphic nature of the incident and in others, it was to make sure that none of the officers could be identified. In other sections of the videos, the officers themselves turned off the audio on their cameras.

The eight officers involved in the shooting, are still on paid administrative leave. The investigation by agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is continuing.