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CLEVELAND– The man behind the LEGO “A Christmas Story House” is not giving up.

Jason Middaugh, of Syracuse, New York, used existing LEGO pieces to make the Parker family’s yellow Victorian home featured in the 1983 Christmas classic.

He submitted it to the LEGO Ideas website and it generated the 10,000 supporters needed to advance to the product review stage. Ultimately, it wasn’t chosen so Middaugh went back to the drawing board.

“Our new version is smaller, but we still managed to capture all of the fun. It is an open display of the first floor of the house, and it includes the family car as well as the iconic flagpole scene,” Middaugh said.

“We feel that this version has the best chance of making it all the way through the LEGO review process, but of course, we still need to collect those 10K supporters all over again on the LEGO Ideas site.”

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Middaugh and his family will be back in Cleveland for the “A Christmas Story” 5K-10K on Dec. 1. They’ll have a booth at the Renaissance with their full LEGO display, including a Higbee’s and the Chinese restaurant.

The theme for this year’s race is the Bumpus hounds so Middaugh made a separate model to donate to the “A Christmas Story House” Foundation. It will be auctioned off for charity. Those elements are not part of the proposed set sent to LEGO.

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