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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Across the pond, Boris Johnson is out and Liz Truss is in as Britain’s prime minister. And it seems there’s a Cleveland connection with the new leader of the Conservative Party.

Back in 2018, Truss took to Twitter to share her support for the Browns.

“It must be time for a Browns win…” she wrote, posing in a Browns jersey while gripping a hot dog at what looks to be FirstEnergy Stadium on Sept. 20 of that year.

This of course was the fateful day the Browns broke their big 19-game losing streak by beating the New York Jets, and fans rejoiced as the Bud Light beer fridges placed around the city were finally cracked open.

“Browns win for first time since Dec 2016. Free beer for Cleveland residents released,” the now 47-year-old posted later that day, saying Cleveland was her kind of town.

So how good of a fan is Truss? Has she been following the Baker Mayfield/Deshaun Watson drama with a close eye? It’s unclear at this point.

In the meantime, fans have mixed reactions about the new PMs perceived allegiance to the team.