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(WJW) — The next child tax credit payment is less than a couple weeks away. Parents can expect it around August 13.

Qualifying families with children under age six will receive $300 per child each month. Families with children who are six to 17 years-old will receive $250 monthly.

The remaining half of the credit will come with tax refunds, bringing the total to $3,600 per child for families with children under six and $3,000 for families with older children. It’s an increase from the previous credit of $2,000 per child.

While the next payment is the second of six payments coming, Americans are waiting to know if stimulus checks will become a permanent thing.

Lawmakers have recently proposed legislation that would hand over recurring stimulus checks, or guaranteed income, with monthly payments of up to $1,200 for adults and $600 for children.

The two bills, a guaranteed income bill and an alternative economic metric bill, were recently introduced by progressive democratic lawmakers.

Meanwhille, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan currently on the table in Washington D.C. includes clean transportation, clean water and universal broadband in hopes to “build a better America” and stimulate the economy.

Still yet, a more grassroots effort is in the works and it pushes for a recurring payment. It was started by restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin more than a year ago.

The petition, calls for targeted stimulus money and it has well over 2 million signatures.