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(WJW) — The pandemic has been tough on all parents, especially parents of children with special needs.

But there is help from the state that many of you are not taking advantage of … at least not yet.   It’s a newly-developed program called Learning Aid Ohio

It can help qualifying parents get teachers and/or tutors to your front door, and get your child more consistency in their daily learning schedule at home.  

Whether your child is 100% remote, or hybrid, you may qualify like Robin Thompson and her 6-year-old son, Oliver.  They live in the Madison School District in Lake County. 

Robin said, “It’s working out great! Oliver gets one hour of speech and one hour of tutoring every week. They are working with us, and helping us virtually, because we want to stay 100% virtual.”

 Nearly 15% of Ohio school children, like Oliver, have an IEP. That’s an Individual Education Plan.   Parents simply have to log on to to see if you qualify.

  Kari Jones, of Learning Aid Ohio, said when the program started in Central Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine took notice, loved it, and wanted it expanded to the entire state.  She added, “There are many districts eligible in Northeast Ohio that are not taking full advantage of this program.  Cleveland Heights, Euclid, Maple Heights, Shaker and Parma are 100-percent remote and can take advantage right now.  What we’re excited about is opening this platform up to districts that are hybrid too.”

 Qualifying parents receive grants that can help them choose educators and therapists to travel to their homes, or teach their kids remotely.  The program expires in May, when the typical school year ends.