CLEVELAND (WJW) — Cleveland Browns fans knew it was coming — prices at the Municipal Lot went up.

The popular parking lot is now $40, up from $30, after the Cleveland City Council and mayor approved a measure to raise some public parking prices. The new dollar amount is lower than originally feared, as $70 was originally floated.

See which other parking areas are affected right here.

  • Browns fans lined up for Muni Lot 48 hours before season opener
  • Browns muni lot party

For those undeterred by the price jump, there are some things to know before hopping in your helmet-shaped bus to tailgate. The city released the following rules for those planning to park in the Muni Lot:

  • No open pit fires
  • Propane grills only
  • No alcohol
  • No saving spaces
  • You will be charged for each parking space you occupy
  • No in-and-out privileges
  • All litter must be disposed of in trash containers
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated
  • No crossing the Shoreway
  • No private latrines
  • Lanes must remain clear of activity

The city is providing portable restrooms, trash cans and dumpsters in the Muni Lot to help folks clean up after themselves. Note the lines for the toilets do get long quickly, so prepare accordingly.

The city also reminds fans that in general “open containers, consumption of alcohol, and public intoxication are all prohibited inside the municipal lot.”

Find out more about the stadium rules right here. Much of the street parking around the city is not permitted on the day of the game.