New Jersey Senator Cory Booker campaigns for Richard Cordray

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AKRON, Ohio – With a tight race for the Governor’s office in Ohio just a few weeks away, the ever-passionate Senator Cory Booker came to Akron Saturday to help candidate Richard Cordray fire up volunteers to convince their friends and neighbors to vote for Cordray over Republican Mike DeWine.

“These are great candidates but great candidates are not enough. All across America every year great candidates lose. The difference between winning and losing are the people that are around them,” said Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) to a group of Ohio voters volunteering for the Democratic party, “When it comes to issues of voting rights, of justice of healthcare, of education, so much is on the line that’s why I am out here helping Cordray.”

“I’m going to protect your healthcare, I’m going to protect people who have a preexisting conditions. He [Mike DeWine] has shown he can’t be trusted on that issue, it’s really a defining issue,” Cordray said.

The DeWine Campaign said in a statement to FOX 8:

“When Democrats like Ted Strickland and Richard Cordray were in charge, nearly 400,000 Ohioans lost their job and our savings account was drained to 89 cents. Ohioans know they can’t afford Cordray’s billions of dollars in policy proposals that would take Ohio’s economy backwards. Mike DeWine and Jon Husted are out talking to voters throughout the state today about getting people the skills they need to help fill jobs and accelerating Ohio’s economy forward.”

Booker said the races in Ohio are some of the most important in the upcoming midterm election and he was inspired to see a room full of Ohioans ready to volunteer to get people out to the polls.

“I want Ohio to stop thinking in terms of right or left so many of these issues are right or wrong Americans should have a right to quality, affordable, healthcare,” Booker said.

Cordray said he is willing to work with anyone who wants to help Ohio succeed. “I want to work with all Ohioans and all Ohioans want to see us move forward in this state, be a more progressive state, treat people the way we want to be treated and make sure that nobody is left out or left behind,” Cordray said.

Senator Booker received a warm welcome and loud applause by the whole room, as he was greeting people in the room some voters told him they were excited about the speculation that he will make a run for president in 2020.

When FOX 8 asked Booker what his plans are for 2020 he said, with a big smile, “I want to focus on 25 days and then I will worry about what I am going to do in the future, but everybody, I want everyone to be focused now, not who’s going to be the next president.”

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