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(WKBN) — Those who treat people with substance abuse problems say a new deadly drug combination is starting to show up on the streets in other parts of the country and other communities in Ohio.

Authorities say they’ve started seeing something known as “Tranq-Dope” turning up in the Columbus and Cincinnati areas.

It’s said to be a combination of opioids and a powerful sedative known as xylazine that could be resistant to anti-overdose treatments like Narcan or Naloxone.

“Now they will mix the xylazine with fentanyl, with heroin or other drugs but the Narcan is not gonna be able to reverse overdoses from that substance,” said Amanda Kantaras with Family Recovery Center.

Kantaras said xylazine and the opioids like fentanyl and the even more powerful carfentanil can combine to suppress the user’s breathing functions potentially leading to death.