SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) It drops, spins and kind of flips you around a bit.

Cedar Point used to have a coaster called the Wild Mouse back in the 1960s. That’s when the park was smaller.

It’s a big place now, but folks with the park say there is always room for little things…like a boardwalk that has familiar rides that take you back a bit.

“We got our start in the 1870s as a bathhouse on the beach we got our start on the shores of Lake Erie are important to us, so we are telling that classic boardwalk story,” Cedar Point General Manager Carrie Boldman said.

And that boardwalk story starts with the new Wild Mouse and continues with familiar and longtime rides…

The Matterhorn, the Calypso and other smaller rides that perhaps your grannie road back in the 1960s or 70s.

A lot of rides that are more family-accommodating…ones where the younger children under 40 inches can actually ride with Grannie and still quench that desire to ride like the older children.

For the Draft family, the Wild Mouse was the first time their youngest child Stella could ride on a coaster with them.

“There are a few in the back that she can go on, but none that can fit us all together, so it was cool for all of us to sit together and ride as a family,” Joce Draft said.

The revamped boardwalk and its rides are right along Lake Erie, and in the center of it all is a brand-new grand pavilion that is a throwback to the original pavilion that was at the park many years ago.

And this pavilion is full of food. 

No funnel cakes, or hot dogs…but the sit-down and eat a lot of… kinds of food.

“The last few years we’ve really been trying to branch out with that full family-focused meal back heat barbecue and smoking meat for 15 hours. Last year the addition of the farmhouse, this is the next chapter of our culinary history,” Cedar Point Executive Chef R.J. Sinwald said.

In addition to the food, the park is also hoping the view will also get folks to come by.

The new boardwalk area is not only a place to ride but to slow down as the park wants not only folks to make a day trip but to make a week or weekend out of their visit.

“You can have your space and have it as a family that’s really going to create a great memory,” Boldman said.

Cedar Point opens for the season this weekend.