(WJW) — Those with the correct set of skills are encouraged to apply for Netflix’s open flight attendant position, with the promise of earning nearly $400,000 per year.

As part of a “dream crew,” the flight attendant would be the lead for Netflix Aviation’s private super midsize jet based in San Jose, California, not far from the streaming service’s headquarters.

On top of the usual aviation abilities, including proof of Flight Safety FAA-certified training, the person would also need to help with maintaining the plane’s stockroom and also be willing to also work flights for the company’s Gulfstream G550 jet.

For the trouble of potentially working weekends and holidays, as well as performing duties with “discretion,” the flight attendant would have the opportunity to make anywhere between $60,000-$385,000 annually, which, according to the company, is the market range for the position.

“As a Netflix flight attendant you are expected to embrace our culture, which places a strong emphasis on operating with Freedom and Responsibility, with independence and a lot of self-motivation,” the company explained in the job description.

Find out more about the job and how to apply right here.