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CONNEAUT, Ohio — Neighbors are in disbelief that the tragic death of a one-year old girl happened right next door. Conneaut authorities suspect foul play in the case, and the investigation continues.

Family members identified the one-year-old girl as Serenity, Saturday afternoon.
Conneaut police said she was unresponsive, then died at Conneaut Brown Memorial Hospital.

“We’ve seen her outside playing, maybe two days ago,” said one father, Wyatt Durey, who lives nearby.

Several neighbors, like Durey, witnessed the aftermath of the situation first hand, as they woke up to crime scene investigators near their homes.

“It hits too close to home when you see something like that happen or when you see stuff that only happens on TV shows right outside your door,” Durey said.

Conneaut police explained when they arrived at the apartment complex they encountered the mother, holding the little girl, and screaming for help.

The neighbors said they are offering prayers in support after such a tragic loss of someone so innocent.

“From our investigation, it’s the mother and the mother’s boyfriend were the only two on scene, so we are concentrating on those two right now,” said Detective Michael Sullivan, of the Conneaut Police Department.

While police are questioning the 22-year-old mother of the girl, along with the mother’s 37-year-old boyfriend, Detective Sullivan tells Fox 8 many were known to frequent the apartment in the 500 block of Clark Street.

No one answered the door at the apartment Saturday afternoon.

Conneaut police have not released the name of the mother or her boyfriend.

The Cuyahoga County Coroner will be conducting the autopsy which is expected to be completed next week.