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EUCLID, OH— Investigators from several local and state agencies were on the scene of a home explosion all day Friday, sifting through debris and searching for clues as to what caused the massive blast, which could be heard from miles away.

Emergency crews responded to the 21500 block of Miller Avenue in Euclid around
11:30 a.m.

“Boom, it was like an earthquake.”

That’s how one neighbor, Precious Davis, described the explosion in Euclid on Friday morning.

Some people in their driveways said debris from the home was hurled right at them.

“We turned and looked and here, it’s coming at us– this loud boom!” said Velva Lashore, who was visiting a woman who lives across the street.

Fortunately, they were able to take cover and were not seriously injured.

A young boy who lives in the house right next door received some minor cuts on his head from the flying chards of glass.

The boy’s mother, Latoya Guerry said, “He has cuts in his head, but other than that, everybody was okay,” which is remarkable considering that Guerry’s house is no longer livable.

Not much can be salvaged of the house that exploded.

The house erupted into massive chunks, with the chimney blown apart and scattered in different backyards. The entire 2nd floor was flipped upside down.

Windows were shattered in multiple neighboring homes, spraying glass in every direction. At least one other house was knocked off its foundation.

“My window blew in and stuff, kind of hit me and I just screamed and just started screaming and I ran and I heard a bunch of really loud noises and I came outside and I just saw that the whole thing was on fire,” said next door neighbor, Brittany Oblak.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal arrived late Friday afternoon and joined the investigative efforts, but at this time, they have not released any possible cause.

According to the Euclid Fire Department, the house was unoccupied because it was for sale.

The gas was supposedly turned off in 2009, the Euclid Fire Department also said. However, neighbors said someone had been living in the house until this past June.

Latoya Guerry wondered if a gas leak might have caused the explosion. She told Fox 8 News that she smelled gas right before it happened.

Dominion East Ohio can’t comment on that at this time, but they are actively assisting in the investigation.

They also released some advice for people who suspect they smell gas. They say you should leave the premises immediately and call Dominion East Ohio’s 24 hour hotline at 1-877-542-2630.

They say don’t ever try to locate the gas leak or use electrical switches, appliances, lights, telephones, cell phones, vehicles, power equipment, lighters, or matches.

It could take days, weeks or even longer to determine if the explosion could’ve been prevented, but at this time, fire officials do not want to speculate on any possible causes, saying it’s irresponsible to prematurely place blame.

In the meantime, neighbors are cleaning up and counting their blessings.

“My daughter, she was just in the window, just put her down, we were just about to come outside and you know, gladly we didn’t because 60 seconds later, the house just exploded,” said Raymond Flunder.

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