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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – At the University of Akron officials know a well-rested mind is a key to learning. So, they are giving students the perfect opportunity to catch some extra Zzzs.

The University has introduced four “nap pods” where students can take a 20-minute snooze.

Officials say the refresher naps can help boost mood, creativity, and focus.

“There are several research studies that highlight the correlation of mental health and sleep, so part of the intent to offer nap pods was to provide a unique mental health resource to our students,” said Ali Doehring, director of ZipAssist, who is leading the project.

Courtesy: University of Akron

Each nap pod features a privacy visor, a built-in timer, and music options.

Then, at the end of the nap, the pod wakes up the user with a gentle combination of light, sound and vibration, explains the university in a press release.

The pods can be found at three locations on campus.

right now they are first-come, first-serve. But, eventually, reservations may be required during peak snoozing hours.

“As we strive for a continued improvement of the learning environment, I think our Zips will find the nap pods beneficial to their overall wellbeing. We hope to serve as a leading institution that is finding creative approaches to help our students be successful,” said  John Messina, Ed.D., vice president of Student Affairs.

The innovative equipment was purchased using a state grant.