(WJW) — After the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found a microbial contamination, a pharmaceutical company is voluntarily recalling a nasal spray that works to reduce snoring.

The California-based Green Pharmaceuticals Inc is recalling some of its SnoreStop NasoSpray, packaged in .3 ounce containers, following a test that found traces of Providencia rettgeri.

While the microorganism is reportedly not an issue for healthy individuals, those with pre-existing conditions could be adversely affected. Severe reactions include sepsis, pneumonia and fungal infections, the FDA reports.

The lot number being recalled 2373/21222. The numbers can be found on the bottom of the bottle and the outside packaging. Anyone who has this product in their home is asked to discontinue use.

At this time Green Pharmaceuticals says they have not received any reports of customers being sickened after using their product.

Those who have any questions regarding the recall can reach out to the company at 805-388-0600 or mail@snorestop.com.

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