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DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A man is in the hospital after Dayton police shot him when he reportedly charged them with a sword Wednesday afternoon.

The person shot is currently listed in non-life-threatening condition at a local hospital, Dayton Police and Fire confirmed on social media. No officers were injured.

Neighbors on the 1600 block of Suman Avenue said they were shaken after the incident turned a normal day upside down.

“He is coming in and out of his house,” a 911 caller said. “He’s naked, he has a sword. He’s laying on the front yard, putting the sword on his chest.”

Teenager Gary Winthorb Jr. was on his porch with his dog after school when he saw the man wielding a sword.

“I put my dog inside, came, ran down to see what was happening,” Winthorb said. “Seen a naked guy running around with a machete, yelling and screaming…I didn’t expect to see that today. The last day of school is tomorrow. There was a lot happening. I haven’t seen much of anything like this before.”

A few minutes later, two Dayton police officers confronted the man.

“He was told to drop his sword,” Kamran Afzal, Dayton Police Chief, said. “What we know at this point is at that time he charged the officers, and there was two officers at the scene and both discharged their firearms.”

The suspect received medical attention from a third officer and was transported to a local hospital. He is currently stable with no life-threatening injuries.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will handle the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, and Dayton police will do an internal investigation of the incident.