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CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett almost brought one man to tears after covering the costs of an iPhone for a customer who couldn’t afford to pay.

JJ Remmy was at the Apple Store Wednesday after having been without a phone for two days, according to his Facebook post.  Garrett also happened to be shopping at the same store.

Remmy was trying to replace his broken iPhone, which he couldn’t do without $115.99. However, Remmy didn’t have the funds.

He began to leave the store. That’s when Garrett, who had overheard Remmy’s situation, stepped in and offered to cover the bill.

“I’m getting ready to leave and MYLES GARRETT LOOKS AT ME AND SAYS ILL PAY YOUR BALANCE!” Remmy wrote on Facebook. “I literally almost broke down man… Myles is a Great guy and he changed my whole entire day [Wednesday].”

The two even took a picture together.

Garrett responded to the situation on Twitter Friday.

“I’m just grateful that I’m in the position to help others,” he wrote. “I didn’t think this would get recognition, but I’m glad I could make his day a little better.”

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