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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland is known as the birthplace of rock and roll. That doesn’t mean people want to hear rock music blasting in the overnight hours.

Fox 8 News found at least three “Rock Box” speakers blasting music just before 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were blaring from the speakers along East 9th Street in Downtown Cleveland.

At least three speakers from Rockwell to Lakeside Avenues were playing the music.

The speakers were installed ahead of the 2016 Republican National Convention to pay tribute to Cleveland’s rock and roll heritage.

The Rock Box Project was a collaboration between The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Destination Cleveland, LAND studio, and local artist Mark Reigelman.

Seven custom speakers were installed from the Rock Hall to Progressive Field on East 9th Street — which is also known as Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Boulevard.

Fox 8 News spoke to an employee of the downtown Hampton Inn who said the music was “painfully loud” and that guests were complaining. The employee said the music was shut off around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

The speaker at E. 9th and Lakeside was still playing at 4 a.m.

Fox 8 News reached out to the Rock Hall to find out what happened. They responded Tuesday afternoon with the following statement:

“The Rock Hall’s Rock Boxes wanted to rock and roll all night but they’ll have to party all day instead. Our engineers have established that a ten song list was stuck on repeat and played at standard volume last night. We’ve identified and fixed the issue and the Boxes are back to operating strictly during the day. Our apologies for any inconvenience.”