CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Cleveland Browns host the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Nov. 5, at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m.

Football fans are having fun tailgating in the Municipal Lot.

If you’re going, here are the rules:

Road closures

All highway exits around Cleveland Browns Stadium will be closed by 11 a.m., while the state Route 2 East ramp to East 9th Street will close at 10:30 a.m.

The ramps will remain closed until after the end of the game. East 9th and West 3rd streets will open after the start of the game and close again at the end of the game.

Traffic around the stadium will be limited to Browns Pass holders and drop-offs for people who have disabilities. Passholders and drop-offs will only be able to reach the stadium via North Marginal westbound from East 55th Street.


Parking restrictions are in effect in downtown Cleveland for each Browns home football game. Drivers should look for signs on posts, poles and parking meters in restricted areas.

Parking violators will be ticketed and towed, according to a notice from Cleveland police. Fines and fees must be paid to One Stop Vehicle Impound Center, 3040 Quigley Road.

Municipal Lot times and reminders 

Muni Lot opens at 5 a.m. West Muni Lot opens at 11 a.m.

For regular weekend home games, the lot opens right at 5 a.m. For evening games, the eastern portion of the lot opens at noon, while the western portion opens at 5 p.m.

RVs, motorhomes, buses and other vehicles are not allowed to park in the Muni Lot prior to the designated start time.

If you’re going, plan to get there early, police recommend.

Traffic overflow will be directed to East 38th Street and King Avenue. Drivers will be instructed by police to line up on King Avenue eastbound to east 40th Street, then south on East 40th Street and west on Lakeside Avenue.

Drivers waiting to get into the lot are not allowed to congregate on thoroughfares like East 9th Street, the Shoreway, South Marginal Road, East 55th Street or St. Clair Avenue.


It costs $40 per space to park in the municipal lot. Drivers aren’t allowed to line up for stage on the Shoreway before the game.

Tailgating rules

  1. No open pit fires 
  2. Propane grills only (no charcoal) 
  3. No alcohol 
  4. Saving spaces is prohibited 
  5. You will be charged for all parking spaces that you occupy 
  6. No in/out privileges 
  7. All litter must be disposed of in trash containers 
  8. Vandalism of any type will not be tolerated
  9. Crossing the Shoreway is prohibited
  10. No private latrines
  11. Lanes must remain clear of activity at all times
  12. No drone flying in the Muni Lot or within 5 miles of Burke Lakefront Airport

Tailgaters could be fined or ejected for violations.


Portable restrooms, trash cans and dumpsters will be available. Tailgaters are asked to dispose of all trash.