CLEVELAND (WJW) — Mummies of The World, the largest traveling exhibition of real mummies and related artifacts is set to open to the public in Playhouse Square at the Corner Gallery on September 23.

“Over 40 real human and animal mummies, with the emphasis on the world real,” Playhouse Square Senior Vice President of Programming David Greene said.

Greene said the mummies featured in the exhibition come from 11 different places internationally, ranging from the 16th to 18th centuries, but the oldest artifact is 4,500 years old.

“This is a great opportunity to experience something different, create new memories at Playhouse Square and be entertained and educated at the same time,” Greene said.

One of the most interesting mummies on display is MUMAB, a modern mummy from Maryland that is only 30 years into the mummification process.

“The Scientists at the University of Maryland are replicating the process of the ancient Egyptian mummification process,” Greene said. “We won’t know for a couple hundred years to know if the process worked and if they got it right.”

Kathy Leacock works with the Buffalo Museum of Science and this exhibition for a decade. She said one of the most popular items is a mummified cat.

“This particular mummified cat was scanned, and we can confirm that there is a skeleton of an actual cat in this bundle,” Leacock said.

Leacock said this is a one-of-a-kind exhibition.

“It’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s educational,” Leacock said. “You get to experience a variety of different cultures in one exhibition. A lot of times you go to a museum, and you see Egyptian mummies. Here you see all the different mummified remains both natural and intentional together in one space right here in Cleveland.”

Mummies of the World will be open from Thursday-Sunday through January. Admission for adults is $24.95, children $19.95 and kids three and under get in free.

Click here for tickets or call 216-241-6000.