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by Allison Brown, Fox 8 Reporter

BRUNSWICK, Ohio — A family is mourning the loss of their loved one, after he involved police in a more than 30 hour standoff in Brunswick over the weekend.

Terrance Abel’s mother Cynthia says motivation for the standoff comes from breaking up with his girlfriend earlier in the week.

“His heart was broken, he told me he couldn’t live without her, and he didn’t want to live without her,” said Cynthia Abel, holding back tears.

“He did love his family, and he wanted nothing more than to have a family of his own, and that’s what his goal was,” she went on.

On Friday, Brunswick police were called to a house on Jefferson Avenue just after 1:30 p.m.  Abel and his ex-girlfriend were inside arguing when they arrived.

Police tell Fox 8 that Abel said he had a gun, and wasn’t coming out of the home.

“It’s all a shock to us, we just found his Dad’s rings in his bedroom the other day where he took them off because I guess he knew he wasn’t coming back,” Abel said.

After SWAT teams surrounded the home and negotiations broke down just after 7:30p.m. Saturday, it all ended after Brunswick police shot Abel several times.  That’s according to the Medina County Coroner.

His ex-girlfriend, whose name and condition have not been released, was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

“There were two families involved in this, it just wasn’t us, it was her family too,” said Abel’s mother.

The community was also involved.  During the standoff, neighbors in the area had to evacuate for their own safety.

“I wanted to say thank you to the Brunswick police department because they were really good and I’m very sorry for the community that they had to move out of their homes and everything and our prayers are with the other family that was involved,” Abel said.

The mom said she was able to talk with Terry, 39, during the standoff over the phone.  She wishes it could have been enough to save him.

Brunswick police are still investigating the situation so they aren’t releasing many details, especially when it comes to those final moments before Abel was shot.

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