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ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. — A mother shot a man who she said was breaking into her home.

Ashley Jones said it happened earlier this week in Anderson County, South Carolina.

According to FOX Carolina, Jones told police she heard someone banging on her door; she said she called police and then got her gun.

“He was like, ‘This is my house; let me in. I’m not going to hurt you’ kind of thing, and I was like ‘What do you want? I grabbed a gun and went to the top of the steps and was like, ‘I have a gun. I will shoot you. Do not come in my house,'” Jones told WSPA.

The woman’s three young children were sleeping inside the home. Jones said she was ready to do whatever it took to protect them.  “I would’ve killed him if I had to.”

When the man kicked in the door, Jones fired a shot at him; surveillance video shows the bullet hit him in the shoulder. He tried to take off, but police took him into custody, WSPA said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate.