COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Earlier this year, the Ohio Department of Commerce reported Ohio had more than $3 billion in lost or forgotten money just waiting to be claimed.

Just this past week, more than $300,000 of that money was discovered at the Ohio State Fair.

In a press release, the Ohio Department of Commerce explains that more than 2,700 fairgoers visited the unclaimed funds booth, and there, the division helped return $322,729.94 in unclaimed funds to more than 1,000 people.

Officials say the average claim at this year’s state fair was nearly $308. One person this year found more than $50,000. Another discovered more than $28,000 in missing money, according to the release.

“The Ohio State Fair is our largest in-person outreach event of the year and one we look forward to each year,” Superintendent Akil Hardy said. “This year’s fair marks another success as we were able to reunite thousands of Ohioans with their missing money.”

Where do the unclaimed funds come from? They are reported to the Ohio Department of Commerce by businesses and banks after accounts become inactive. The money comes from inactive accounts like checking and savings accounts, uncashed cashier’s checks, stocks, bonds, forgotten utility deposits, and even final paychecks.

You can check if you have unclaimed money online or by calling 614-466-4433.