GENEVA, Ohio (WJW) — Several Geneva Area City School buses were once again taken off the streets after a second round of failed safety inspections conducted by Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Wednesday, the district announced eight of the nine buses inspected were flagged for violations leading to 10 canceled bus routes prior to school dismissal.

Parents said they had less than an hour to find a way for their children to get home.

“The Geneva school buses for my high schooler they gave us like 20 minutes notice and about 45 minutes for the middle schoolers,” said parent Jennafer Thompson. “I couldn’t pick my kids up because I didn’t have a vehicle. So, my kids were stranded at school and had to get into a car with somebody they barely knew to get home.”

This latest round of inspections marked the second failure since April, when 75 percent of buses failed to meet state standards. Inspection reports provided by OSHP Thursday revealed numerous violations on buses including issues classified as engine compartments, undercarriage and brake problems.

“We have tons of money put away from taxes to fix our buses, and it’s just not getting done,” said Thompson. “Where’s the money going?”

Parents said the issue is impacting the quality of their children’s education, leading to missed school due to the lack of safe and reliable transportation.

“We will get buses back out as soon as we can,” said district superintendent Terri Hrina-Treharn during a school board meeting Wednesday. “We are hoping to have them back out tomorrow to reinspect those 3 buses that have been fixed and we have another four buses that have already been sent out to be repaired.”

Rachel Egy has a young child with a disability and said accommodations are not always met because of school bus conditions.

“The first bus, it broke down and I got a call from the aide saying, ‘Hey, bus broke down, I don’t know if we have another bus to get your son. Can you pick him up?'”

“We get the next bus and as he was coming home from school, the gate wouldn’t open. So the aide and I had to lift my son in his wheelchair over the gate to get him off the bus,” said Egy.

The district said a new director of transportation and maintenance was recently hired to start work in June.