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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked the creation of some small businesses here in Northeast Ohio.

Michelle Felder, who was a former event planner, decided to start creating masks after all of her events got cancelled.

“Literally, I was sitting in my bed and I thought I always wanted to learn how to sew and I went to Ghana back in October and brought a ton of fabric that I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do with and I thought, what about making masks,” she recalled.

And make them, she did, with more that 500 sold to date.

Across town and less than a month old, Three Brothers Power Washing Services based in Maple Heights, was opened by Kory Pearson, Desmond Stanley and Tyler Hines, Jr.

“I went to school for business management so just trying to be business minded and open up my own business,” said Pearson.

So just how does a small business owner get their company up and running, especially with no additional cash flow?

A Northeast Ohio company that specializes in just that has seen its business double in just the past month.

Score is the nation’s largest network of volunteer and business mentors who are dedicated to helping small businesses grow and achieve their goals free of charge, with chapters from Cuyahoga to Ashtabula counties.

“We will assist them on the grant scenario for non-profits. For for profits, it depends on our business plan, we will introduce them to banks, we’ll work with the SBA, their various loans etc.,” said Score Mentor Robert Fedor.

An added key to success, according to these budding entrepreneurs, follow your passion.

“I never wanted to work for anybody, I always wanted to be independent and have my own businesses so I’m taking the right steps now to do that,” said Pearson.

Felder’s advice? “Find what makes you happy and do it!”

You can learn more about Michelle Felder’s mask business by clicking here.

Three Brothers power washing can be reached through their business Facebook page or by calling 216-903-5885.