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CLEVELAND — A Cleveland police officer attempted to stop the suspect’s vehicle involved in last month’s high speed chase and deadly police involved shooting, just minutes before that pursuit started.

 “The car was spotted somewhere along E. 18th and Superior, at which time the car took off from the officer running through the downtown,” said Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland police union.

Police didn’t know why the officer was trying to stop the car, driven by Timothy Russell.

Police say when the car drove past the Justice Center someone fire a gun at officers, which started the pursuit.  Police chased the car for 25 minutes. The chase ended in East Cleveland where 13 officers fired 137 rounds, killing Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

No gun or shell casings were found in the suspect’s vehicle.

The state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the case.

“We have conducted over 30 interviews of police officers, we interviewed over 15 other witnesses or potential witnesses, and we still have 30 more witnesses to interview,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

DeWine says they also collected more than 200 pieces of evidence.

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