CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered thieves breaking into more cars at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

And, we’re also asking what’s being done about it.

Last weekend, Cleveland police arrested a man for breaking into vehicles at the main Hopkins parking garage. Police say they caught him with stolen laptop computers, stolen credit cards and stolen IDs.

We’ve also learned of dozens of cars broken into in recent weeks in what’s called the Brown Lot.

More windows smashed. Valuables stolen.

Now the airport tells us it will be adding security measures to the Brown Lot.

A spokesperson tells us that plan includes: “intermittent mobile security patrols, intermittent staging of Cleveland Police at the lot, and training shuttle drivers to heighten awareness of the situational awareness in the lot.”

We’ve reported on this problem periodically at the airport. At one point, police there took a series of reports of guns stolen from cars.

At other times, travelers have complained of thieves breaking into cars to take whatever they can. One woman, late last year, told us she came back to her car after a flight and found a thief in her back seat. He ended up running off.