CLEVELAND (WJW) – Get ready to pass go! MONOPOLY is announcing a special Cleveland-themed edition that’s set to release in October 2023.

Top Trumps is manufacturing the official Cleveland version of MONOPOLY under license from Hasbro. To ensure the game properly represents Cleveland and its residents, the designers are accepting suggestions via email at until March 18.

“I say why not Cleveland,” Top Trumps Sponsorship Director Tim Barney said. “For all of you, you know what makes this place special. And it’s the same reason why we came here today. It’s more than the places, the landmarks, the businesses, the attractions, of which you have many. It’s the people too. And that’s what’s going to make this game really successful.”

The game pieces, like the top hat, racecar and boot will all remain, but the 36 spaces on the board will all be Cleveland-specific.

“We have to rely on you to tell us what places make this place special,” he said. “Basically, if it exists in Cleveland, it has the potential to be a part of the game.”

Cleveland is one of the first cities to be represented in MONOPOLY. More than one billion people have played the game since it first hit shelves in 1935.

“Our community is rich with historical significance with many landmarks that help tell our story – from the shores of beautiful Lake Erie to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad to the world-renowned Playhouse Square, which is celebrating its 102nd birthday this year,” Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronanye said. “Greater Clevelanders have a lot of pride in our region, so I am hopeful that many will make their voices heard for this fun game that celebrates our history.”

The game will be sold in local stores for $39.99.