MANCHESTER, Connecticut (WJW) – Shocking dashcam footage shows a terrifying collision involving a tanker.

It happened in Connecticut on Sunday.

The video shows a car abruptly crossing in front of a tanker, leading to a catastrophic crash and subsequent inferno.

Connecticut State Police recently released the footage, which provides a first-person perspective from the tanker involved in the incident.

The video captures the moment as a Jeep carelessly pulls across the path of the tanker, resulting in a collision that sparked a massive fire.

According to local media reports, the tanker was transporting a staggering 8,300 gallons of highly flammable gasoline at the time of the crash.

The force of the impact caused the vehicle to roll over, igniting the cargo and engulfing the surrounding area in flames.

Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene, battling the intense blaze and working tirelessly to ensure the safety of those involved.

3 people were hurt. Their injuries are described as non-life-threatening.

Connecticut State Police have since provided additional information regarding the incident. They revealed that the driver of the Jeep was issued a ticket.