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CLEVELAND- A Cleveland woman who used marijuana tea to treat morning sickness while pregnant now has custody of her child.

Nova Sanford was born on Sept. 26 at Fairview Hospital. But a drug test revealed a marijuana byproduct. Hollie and Daniel Sanford said the Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services would not let them take their daughter home.

An emergency hearing was held on Monday and the baby was given back to her parents. “I couldn’t even speak,” Hollie told FOX 8’s Suzanne Stratford, Monday night.“I was choking back the emotion the whole time.”

Hollie Sanford said she chose to use medicinal marijuana to treat her debilitating morning sickness and sciatic nerve pain because she was worried about the effects of opiate painkillers.

“We did the research and THC, the psychoactive element, doesn’t reach the baby after it’s metabolized through my body,” Hollie told FOX 8 News last week. “So it’s not like the baby is stoned like people might think.”

The couple’s attorney, Joseph Jacobs, said hospital staff should not have performed the drug test on the child. According to Jacobs, the tests are run when the family is receiving public assistance to pay for medical services, which was not the case for the Sanfords.

“We have full custody of her now,” said an elated Hollie.

Although the couple’s troubles are far from over. There are more hearings and the stay-at-home mom has to begin treatment and parental classes.

But she said they’re trying to focus on the positive right now and just enjoy being back together.

“We’re just loving on each other,” said Hollie. “It’s been a very emotional day.”