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CLINTON, Tenn. (WJW) — A mother is warning other parents of the dangers of balloons after her daughter died tragically last week in Tennessee.

Channa Kelly, who took to Facebook following the death of her daughter Alex, said she purchased multiple latex balloons and also a large, helium balloon in the shape of the number 7 in honor of the girl’s birthday party on Sept. 24.

A week later, when they went to pop the balloons, her daughter said she wanted to pop the large Mylar balloon as well, which Kelly didn’t think would be an issue.

“I went to my bedroom unaware of any dangers with this type of balloon,” Kelly said in her post. “I fell asleep briefly and when I woke up I found my daughter face down on the living room floor where I had left her. I thought for a second that she fell asleep but then noticed [that the] balloon was around her head. I quickly removed the balloon, called 911 and began CPR right away.”

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Kelly said emergency responders arrived and continued to administer CPR, but that Alex did not survive.

“On Sunday, Oct. 1 my entire world collapsed around me all because I was unaware of the risk surrounding these types of balloons,” the mom said on social media. “It is unknown whether she passed away from helium poisoning or suffocation.”

Clinton police have not yet reported a cause of death in the matter and Kelly said it could take months for an answer.

Kelly recalled her daughter liked swimming and hanging out with her friends and family.

“She was an excellent conversationalist,” Kelly said.

Kelly said she hoped by telling this story, people can be careful with balloons in their homes.

“I hope and pray that this will prevent and save the life of other children,” she said. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the pain and devastation that the loss of a child brings.” 

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help with funeral costs.