BEXAR COUNTY, Texas (WJW) – Firefighter Jessica Massey is going to be a new mom any day now.

She may be a first-time parent, but she’s been taking care of people for 14 years as an EMT/firefighter.

Jessica and her husband, Nik, found out they were expecting when they returned from their make-up honeymoon that had been delayed by the COVID pandemic.

Now with a little girl on the way, Jessica is still on the job with the Bexar County Fire Department.

She isn’t currently in the field, due to having a high-risk pregnancy.

When it came to Jessica’s maternity photoshoot, her original plans were dashed when her photographer got COVID.

That’s when Bexar County Fire Captain Natividad Rodriguez stepped in and planned the shoot.

“I trusted him 100 percent,” Jessica told FOX 8.

While many maternity photoshoots are soft and ethereal, Rodriguez had a different plan.

The photos show Jessica with her helmet and gear with her belly.

The photos also include her stretch marks.

Jessica says that’s intentional.

“I’m pretty self-conscious of my scars and imperfections but it’s part of my story,” she said.

“I could have asked him to touch them up but then again, what message would that send to my daughter or to my nieces? I want all women to love themselves for who they are regardless of imperfections,” she said.

Jessica and Nik are expecting their little girl next week.

Their dogs, Rusty and Daisy, will also be helping at home.