Editor’s Note: The video above is about sobriety checkpoints in Ohio.

PEMBROKE PINES, Florida (WJW) – Police in Florida are investigating a shooting that took place inside a home.

It happened early Saturday morning.

According to police investigations, the woman who lived in the home had fallen asleep on her living room couch, while her son had retired to his room earlier in the evening.

At some point, the mother was startled by a noise in the kitchen.

Police say she had a gun in her purse, grabbed it and headed to the kitchen.

As she ventured into the kitchen to investigate, her son simultaneously emerged from the same area.

In the confusion, the mother fired two shots.

One shot struck the floor, while the other struck her son in the leg.

He was taken for treatment at the hospital. His injuries are not life-threatening.

Police say they are still investigating but believe it was a horrible accident.