CLEVELAND (WJW) – Residents of the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park are demanding that they stay in their homes.

“We are crying. I can’t eat,” said resident Connie Fredericy.

Fredericy bought her mobile home almost 20 years ago so she could take care of her husband who has kidney issues.

“We have to be a certain mileage from the Cleveland Clinic main campus, Euclid Hospital and the dialysis center for him,” said Fredericy.

Fredericy was among 20 residents who gathered Monday night to fight back against the Euclid Beach Neighborhood Plan that was announced last week.

The plan will transition 28 acres of land currently occupied by residents to expand public access to Euclid Beach.

“They want to place a park between two parks at the cost of displacing 139 families from their homes,” said resident Mary Johnson.

The park was bought by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy in 2021.

“Our homes are occupied by people of all ages, including seniors and disabled people. Plenty of us are income challenged,” said Johnson.

According to a spokesperson with Western Reserve Land Conservancy, more than $90,000 was invested in the mobile home community in the past year.

They went on to say, “We vow to continue treating the residents of Euclid Beach Mobile Home Community with the respect and kindness they deserve. In addition to a tenants-only meeting, we will work with each of the tenants to create a transition plan that is fair and equitable.”

“We have repeatedly told them we are in favor of a reduced footprint that would allow us to remain in the community,” said resident Brochelle Baker.

Residents say they’ve been told they have 12 to 15 months to find another home.