(WJW) – Ohio’s own Spencer Strider has made some comments that aren’t sitting well with everyone.

Strider, 24, is from Columbus and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in 2020.

In a recent interview with MLB fits, Strider said the real problem was the fans.

“Absolutely, there should be no fans, 2020 season, no fans,” he said. “Get rid of the fans, it’s too loud. It’s too loud, everybody be quiet. We don’t need the cheering, we know you’re watching. I don’t need the fans. 

“You stay outside the stadium. I mean, back it up. Let’s do like a no lower-bowl thing. Upper decks, great. Outfield, phenomenal. We don’t need you around the dugouts. Just try and be quiet.”

Strider, who was not in the MLB during the 2020 season, when teams played without fans, but that apparently would have been ideal for him.

Braves beat writer Mark Bowman weighed in saying, “Strider is clearly joking here. He has an incredible sense of humor and was responding as Larry David would. He has repeatedly said how much he loves Larry David’s brand of humor. Strider is the funniest guy in the Braves clubhouse. This was his sarcastic humor.”

The starting pitcher is having a great season, despite the fans.

He has 274 strikeouts for 2023, which is first in the MLB. He has a 3.81 ERA.